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I believe in You



He came to the world

with one word

and the word

was his name

and his name

became the world. -Lyubimr (Love & Peace)



I believe in your Voice,

to achieve and inspire,

to transform,

to show the way.

I believe you can

help other people,

improve their lives

and master their craft.


You have the knowledge,

you have the dream,

the experience,

the wisdom and the skill.

I believe in your purpose.

Do you know what it is?

What is your Legend?

What is your Destiny?

Is your Journey

clear and bright?


I believe in true business

being expression of Light

of who truly we are.

Deep in the Conscious

that is who we are.


You have embraced

life’s ups and downs,

facing your fears,

channeled the tears,

the struggles, the darkness

into Rivers of Light,

into Oceans of Knowledge.


This is Your Legend.

This is your Voice.

In Service and Value

of Ascension and Love.

We are Creators

we are the Word.

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